Thursday, May 09, 2013

Living with Art

Back when we did some renovations on our house, we put in a inside staircase to our basement.  Since the laundry room is there, I tend to go downstairs daily.   I wanted to make the staircase fun, so after I painted the walls a very light beige, I decided to do some freehand paintings.
Since we live in the New England woods, I wanted to bring the outside in... so to speak, so I painted some silhouettes of the wildlife.

Above the door that leads to the garage sits a chipmunk on a branch...
As you move further along you see the tree that the branches are coming from... complete with a little bird.
And on the wall a further down is a life sized bear.  The tree stands as tall as the height of the room - so it's 8 feet tall. The bear is the size of a small to medium life sized bear.   I am really happy with the way the silhouettes came out.  They are simple.  

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