Friday, May 03, 2013

What to Do with all those Mono-prints?

Remember when I posted my work gelli-printing?  Making monoprints is addictive and a fun way to jumpstart creativity. Check out these posts here, here and here for some...
The beauty with monoprinting is that you can print on anything. Fabric, paper, journal notebooks, book pages, the list goes on and on.  I use acrylic paints and have a fun time picking out colors.  But, after making all these gorgeous prints, what to do with all them?
I like to sketch on some.  I've been doing it with my Lighthouse Series and one for Seashells.  I bound them into a book and love that... but what if I started with a book and then added the sketches?
 Here is the book all bound using a plastic comb binding. I purposely used a large comb so the book could open flat and not put tension on the pages.
 Here's a second page.  I wasn't concerned with making all the pages the same sizes or even facing the same direction.  I just had to choose which side of the page to marry the comb!
Some pages were tags, some were tiny sheets, some were gelli printed onto deli-paper.  I also used water color paper that I painted a light wash onto to prevent having an all white page. I stuck in a few pages from my scrapbook paper stash as well. The book is 90% gelli prints, 2% scrapbook paper and the remainder watercolor paper.  I added a few of my already made drawings, but now I get to have fun and fill the book with my sketches!  I can't wait.

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