Sunday, June 02, 2013


What if you woke up only with the things you thanked God for yesterday?

When things are going well it's easy to take good things for granted.  Somehow, we forget to be appreciative of the miracles we see everyday, the sunrise, the warm breeze, a child's laugh or a refreshing glass of water.  And yet we all know what it is like when one of those things is missing.
Being appreciative is humbling, positive and true happiness in life.  If you can't find anything good in your life, look closer... miracles are all around us.
This week saw strange weather patterns and in NH crazy strange - snow then record heat in just a few days time. I am grateful to see a smiling photo of my nephew and niece getting ready to spray each other with the garden hose.  Seems like a right of passage in childhood and I'm glad to see it continuing with little ones!
I am thankful to my daughters for helping me with my "crazy schemes". I wanted to take a long walk this summer and they readily agreed to accompany me on a 3.8 mile walk down a beach! It was so fun to spend time with them, to walk in the sunshine and feel alive and only thinking about the conversation.
I feel blessed that my daughters have a "fire in their bellies".  They love to learn new things and work hard to understand new material.  This week, both of my girls worked at new things. I am in awe at how quickly they learn.  They have no hesitance and jump right into new things. They are good role models!
Jon and I completed our Insanity 60 day workout! Each workout was a killer and I feel very accomplished that we did them all.  It was fun to do together and we learned that we aren't getting any younger.  But, at least we're growing old together.
My sister's stepdaughter graduated from college!  Congratulations, Allana, you've made your family so proud!
I feel grateful for all the wonderful people in my family.

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