Monday, June 17, 2013

Jetlagging It!

Wahoo!  After a week in San Francisco and 14 hours of sleep later, I am starting to return to normal. We spent the last week in The Golden Gate City and it was absolutely crazy!
As a country girl, the big city was out of my comfort zone.  While I have spent time in other cities, let me just say that San Francisco is nothing like Boston.  S.F. is the most densely populated city in California with over 17,000 people per square mile. (Compare this to my hometown with a population of 4,000 for 25 square miles.)
There is no personal space, whatsoever, in any part of the city.  Restaurants seat people within inches of each other with separate tables touching each other and no walking room at all.  Public transportation is about cramming as many people into a space as possible.  The streets were packed with people who were trying to get to places, sleeping on the street, pandering, waiting in lines and using drugs.  Leaving the hotel to get anywhere was tense, high anxiety and disgusting.  The odor of human waste permeated the city.
Ashley and I made the best of the situation and visited many historic sites in the city.  While we were busy doing our thing, Jon and Allie were in daylong conferences.  So, clearly, we won the jackpot in the fun department.
Poor Ashley, though, was stuck with me.  This meant go-go-go.  We walked (briskly), rode the trolley, took the bus and one time- braved a cab ride.  The cab ride ended in the two of us racing to get out so we wouldn't throw up in the taxi.  It took 45 minutes for our stomachs to settle.
We went to some interesting places and saw some spectacular views. But, come Sunday, I was itching to get home.
After a week away, with little sleep and a 3 hour time change, I was exhausted.  We flew out at midnight (the red eye) and after a short layover, we got home after noon the next day.  I napped on and off throughout the day, (not intentionally) and couldn't stay awake after dinner. I went to bed and slept until 11:00 the next morning. It was the longest I've ever slept and despite the long time to sleep, I didn't feel terribly rested.
I've ready to get back to my east coast schedule!  Stay tuned for some fun pics.

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