Friday, June 21, 2013

San Francisco: Alcatraz and Aquarium by the Bay

We took a 1 hour cruise in San Francisco Bay where we went under the Golden Gate Bridge and then around the island of Alcatraz.
 Alcatraz is an island 1 1/2 miles from San Francisco. It was created in 1868 as a military prison and fortification and then a federal prison in 1933 - 1963 known as "The Rock".  In 1972 it became a national recreational area and is open to tours today.  The buildings looked intriguing, run down and peeling.  There were crowds there, waiting to get in to see the abandoned cells.
 When we returned to the harbor, I noticed this lighthouse. I don't think it was operational, but it was adorable!
 We also went to the Aquarium by the Bay.  It was beautiful with underground sea tunnels and lots of creatures inside.  It was fun but it would be great for young children.
I loved the tanks with jellyfish and bold lighting.

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