Tuesday, June 18, 2013

San Francisco Trip: Fisherman's Wharf

 On our first day venturing out in San Francisco, we rode the cable car to Fisherman's Wharf.  The day was overcast and cool and at first the wharf was deserted.
 It was picturesque and beautiful -- the natural sights and the man made ones.  There was a row of food service and restaurants that sold seafood.  Slogans such as "if it swims, we cook it" and other stuff were everywhere.  The Wharf was a fun place to walk around.
 We came across this old archway which led to the bay.  It turns out it is the Ferry Archway and used to have railroad tracks leading up to it so it could move freight off ships that docked at the pier.
The arch was beautiful and looked even better in the sunlight that came out in the afternoon!

 There were piers located along the wharf, with Pier 39 being the most busy.  We saw the island of Alcatraz and Angel Island in the background.
Here's a closer look at the now closed,  but open for tourism prison island.
 The vast number of boats docked at one sight were quite amazing... and somewhat beautiful.
 Sea lions created their own sanctuary after the 1989 earthquake.  Rafts were set up and they gather there of their own choosing still.  We heard barking and Ashley followed the noise until she saw what was there.
 There's even a beautiful statue in their honor.  It stands over 10 feet tall!
Here's a view of the city from the waterfront.
And the official sign identifying the wharf.
We returned to the wharf two other times on our trip. It was a fun place with lots of people and things to do and see.

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