Monday, June 03, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Botanical Sketch #1

I completed one of the things on my Summer Bucket List, the first of 48 Botanical Sketches I want to draw this summer. Why 48?  The answer is quite unartistic, but strictly organizational. That's the size of the album I have to store the hard copies. Why Botanical Sketches?  I like the idea of trying to sketch something the way it is found in nature, with leaves, berries or buds.
SBL 2013 - Botanical Sketch "Lemons"
Since I love the idea of using my Gelli-Printed Papers as backgrounds, I am going to do all my sketches   using the acrylic painted paper.  Now, I have to make and choose 47 more papers.  I get to make a ton of papers, then choose from each page to see what colors will work with the sketches.  The overall process takes a while, with the sketches taking 2-4 hours from start to finish.
The backgrounds are done on either cardstock or computer paper which has been Gelly-printed using acrylic paint.  The sketches are done first in graphite then colored using colored pencils and then inks and markers for detail work.
I think that future prints, I will use the "Botanical name" the Latin genus.

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