Sunday, July 07, 2013


I am blessed to have celebrated the Fourth of July with my family.  We had a great dinner and then watched fireworks together. It was a wonderful day and night.
This summer, we've been working out as a family in the mornings.  Together, we've been doing the Insanity program.  We have 2 more weeks before we complete this session and we've done very well.  I'm enjoying the having the kids around full time. I'm afraid I'm getting spoiled and it will be hard for me when they return to college in a few weeks.
I've been feverishly working on my second novel. I am in the thick of it and feel like I've found a good process, finally!  I'm enjoying every minute of it.  (I'll post more on that topic soon!)
I laughed so hard today that I had tears coming out of my eyes.  I haven't felt that way in a while and it is a truly wonderful feeling.
I saw photos of both nieces and nephews this week and I am amazed by how quickly time flies.  It's amazing to see little babies growing into toddlers, and toddlers growing into preschoolers, and preschoolers growing into older children!  Oh, what adorable kids.  They all have strong wills, adorable smiles and mischievous sparkles.  The parents must be so proud and exhausted!

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