Sunday, July 14, 2013


I am grateful for such a great week.  The warmth of the sun is something that I easily take for granted and only realize when it's gone how lovely it is.  Welcome back sunshine.
Ashley and I were lucky enough to take a pottery lesson with a skilled potter whose been throwing pottery for 40 years. We spent an afternoon learning basic techniques and enjoyed it tremendously.
We found a new gelato shop with 26 flavors and it was delicious.  I only tried two, but look forward to sampling a few more.
One more week to go and then we will have finished 2 rounds of Insanity. I'm in very good shape and feel much more energetic.
I found a night time moisturizer that makes my skin feel healthy soft.  The cream is thick but not heavy and is a great moisturizer for me. I've been using other products through the years and after about 6 months the product either loses it's effect (I think I become immune) or I start to break out.  I read about Olay and the Regenerist line and decided that I'd give it a try.  I use the cream at night, after I wash my face.  In the morning, my skin is still soft and clean.  So far so good.

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