Sunday, July 21, 2013


Walgreens, CVS and other retailers refused to sell copies of Rolling Stone Magazine featuring one of the Boston bombing suspects on its cover.  The magazine's cover glorified his image, implying that he was a rock star or celebrity because of his unkempt hair, stoned expression and youth.  The magazine thrives on being rebellious, anti-establishment and arrogant.  Kudos to these retailers for choosing to boycott this garbage.

Jon and I celebrated 23 years of marriage on Friday.  He's been putting up with me for a lifetime.

We've never tried a sweet potato pie and were curious.  Allie found a recipe and baked up a delicious pie.  It was not quite pumpkin, but very delicious.  We plan on having one for Thanksgiving dinner.  I am blessed that she's creative and ambitious in the kitchen.

The girls and I took another pottery lesson and they are naturals at throwing clay on a wheel.  In record time, Ashley picked up techniques and made a gorgeous pitcher!  Allie sat down for the first time and made a fantastic mug.  I was impressed and so proud of their abilities.

Jon and I completed our second round of Insanity Workout and Allie and Ash finished the first round.  It's been grueling, challenging and hard work, but worth it. I don't think the workout is geared towards 40 something year olds and I am blessed that I can attempt it.

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