Sunday, July 28, 2013


It's hard to believe that it's the last weekend in July already.  I am blessed to have my daughters home for the summer. It has been so comforting to see them every morning and evening.  They have been baking almost everyday and their food is delicious.
We've been watching Season One of Hell on Wheels and are very interested in it! It's a TV show that takes place in the 1800's during the construction of the railroad.  It's riveting, dealing with the Indians, Immigrants, freed slaves, Congress and the people who constructed it.  They set up shanty towns along the way and moved their homes as they progressed across the country. There are subplots and love stories.  Gripping!
I improvised and tried to make a modified key lime pie with a bunch of fresh key limes that I found at the grocery store.  We've had the "typical" pie that is made with condensed milk, but I've always found that it left an ugly taste, sour, not tangy or tart.  So, I revised it and made one without condensed milk. It came out OK, but I think I can do better, so hopefully, I'll be able to get another bunch of limes and try again.  I really enjoy trying to come up with new recipes and I'm glad that I have the chance to learn more.

The girls and Jon have been working on kiteboarding... basically sailing on the water with a surfboard on their feet and a large kite in the air.  It takes a lot of skill and practice to be able to surf AND fly a kite.  They are working at it and I am proud of them.  I love to take photos of their attempts and even have some fun with it!

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