Friday, July 19, 2013

Do Mosquitos Think You're Tasty?

Mosquitos love me, I'm one of 20% of the population who are yummy to these bugs.
If you're someone who isn't bothered by mosquitos, consider yourself blessed.  But, there is some information that might be useful to all of us.  Scientists have identified factors that attract mosquitos and now we can use that knowledge to avoid them.
Turns out that drinking a beer can turn you into a mosquito magnet.  Anytime we change our body chemistry or metabolism, we become more desirable, too.  Higher body temperatures, lactic acid found in sweat and pregnancy are all "likes".  Do you have Type O blood?  They like that more than Type A.
And here's something you can change... mosquitos are attracted to people who dress in red, black and blue.  Time to break out the green shirts!

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