Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hidden Art

On our trip to San Francisco, the concierge gave me a brochure for a spa.  I wasn't interested the spa, but I loved the brochure. The paper was strong and full of muted tones, so I decided to use it as a canvas and draw on it.  Since it was "scrap" paper, I felt like I had a lot of freedom to play around with my drawings, not worrying about the outcome.  As I started to draw, I started to play and it was fun and playful.  Allie saw my work and said, "Ha, it's hidden art".  I liked that name so I kept it.  Now, I look at paper packaging and junk mail in a new light.  It's a chance for hidden art!
 On the cover I drew a simple lion.  He was made up of geometric shapes and had a fun shaped mane.
 On the back, I did another fierce cat, the leopard... Again, I used simple shapes.
 In the inside, I continued to work on sketching faces with dramatic eyes.  When it's opened, it looks like this from the inside.
 And the back looks like this...  The bird is done on a tucked in card with the redhead on the back side.

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