Sunday, August 04, 2013


This week's blessings were found everywhere.

Some romantic man proposed via plane.... The plane towed a sign that read RACHEL WILL YOU MARRY ME?  Doesn't it melt your heart or at least bring a smile to your face!

We picked up our thrown pottery. The beautiful pieces were made by Allie and Ash.  Notice the beautiful pitcher in the background that Ash threw on her second time at the studio!  It started out as a lump of clay, but give the girl a pottery wheel and a bowl of water and she makes magic.  She also made the large bowl on the right and on the left, there is a blue bowl with orange inside, it's s tea light holder that Ash cut a sunset out of and left in a sailboat. She made a twin for it, just behind the bowl.
Allie made the orange strip mug and plate, the handled mug in the back left, the bowl just in front of it to the left and the tiny blue bowl in the front.
The pink "demon pig" is mine. I was trying to make a salt cellar in the shape of a pig.  And to the right of it is a blue fish.  That is my favorite of my works.  You can see where the talent is... with the girls.  But, it was wonderful to play with the clay with them and watch them make such gorgeous pieces!

I spoke with my niece and nephew this week, before they went off to Farm Camp. They are growing up so quickly. It's great to hear their opinions on things and for them to be of an age to chat on the phone.

I'm grateful for so much and whenever I'm down or frustrated, I remind myself to take a step back and appreciate the sunshine, a brilliant sky, a smile or a funny thought.
And lastly, I am grateful for August sunsets!

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