Sunday, August 11, 2013


Ashley and I made Beef Wellington following Gordon Ramsay's recipe. We've never had it before and it was.... amazingly delicious!  Here's to trying new dishes and having fun making them.  Best of all, we made Jon's piece well done, just as he likes it.  That was the biggest accomplishment of the night.

Allie and I woke up early and went bird watching.  We got some amazing photos and had a lovely time in the early morning stillness.

I finished my second novel a few weeks ago and am trudging through the editing process. It's really a blessing... and a ton of work.  It occupies all my waking thoughts and I am fully immersed in the imaginary plot.  I feel I know the characters as if they were my family and friends.  I put the final touches on the cover and am pleased that I'm on track for a September release.

The girls were kind enough to take some photos of me for some work I'm doing because  I need a headshot. As the person who prefers to be behind the camera, I really appreciate all those people who happily let me take their picture!  Posing well is a skill.  I tend to shut my eyes, tense my mouth or look plain odd! Here are some outtakes.
Me with my OPENED mouth... not a bad metaphor, but not the look I was going for.

 I know this sounds like an excuse, but something dropped out of the sky at this point and I was worried it was going to hit the girls or me!
I wish I knew what I was thinking during this shot, but don't I look smug?

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