Sunday, August 25, 2013


Blessings for the Week
-Seeing autumn colored foliage along I-89 this week! Foliage in August.... only in New Hampshire!
-Meeting a great friend for dinner this week.
-Getting an unexpected bag of key limes :)  Thank you, Dad!
-We celebrated Jon's parents 85th birthdays this week!  Ashley and I made a Petal Cake and had wonderful results.  (future post to follow).
-We did some Back-To-School shopping for the girls.  Since they are now veterans, (Allie's in her 3rd year and Ash's 2nd) we didn't have too much to get, but it was still fun.
-We took in our (probably) last movie of the summer and were 4 of the 6 people in the theater.  It was like a private showing... I love it when that happens.
-The girls and I took a walk after dinner and it was cool and bug free - the best time of year in NH.

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