Friday, August 30, 2013

Botanical Sketch #41 - Hydrangea

 Botanical sketch #41 of 47 is the Hydrangea.  My grandmother had hydrangeas in her garden, dried in the house and loved the sight of them. Hydrangeas come in all colors: red, white, pink, blue and purple and actually change color, based on the ph of the soil. In many cases, transplanted hydrangeas will become more or less blue. That's right, the same hydrangea will change color. Some gardening enthusiasts change the color intentionally.  Adding aluminum sulfate ([AL2(SO4)3] to the soil will turn a pink hydrangea blue... that is, until all the AL2(SO4)3 is used up. AND white hydrangeas can not be made pink!
To make this sketch, I used a gelli-printed page and sketched a pink hydrangea onto it using colored pencils.
Stay tuned for the final 6 sketches.  Thanks for following my blog!

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