Sunday, September 22, 2013


The sun was brilliant and bright this week. I love the feel of the warmth on my skin.
I came upon an unexpected surprise when I headed out for work and two large deer were standing in my driveway.  It was such a sight to see the wild animals standing there gracefully.  I am blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country.
I took advantage of the weather and went for a long walk before dark clouds rolled in. The leaves were scattered along the freshly mowed lawns on Main Street and the colors were brilliant. Nature never tires of color.
I was lucky enough to speak to all three of my sisters this week.  With the convenience of email, phone calls have become a rare thing.
My daughters are well into their fall semester at college. They are enjoying autumn in Boston and this year it's been more beautiful than ever.
I borrowed the book Pies: Sweet and Savory by Caroline Bretherton. It's a very thorough book on all sorts of pies, from chicken and beef to fruit pies. The photographs are gorgeous and the recipes look good. There's a mix of ethnic pies, hand pies and casseroles, as well as pie crust techniques. I was quite pleased with it.
I got back in to tennis with a fabulous day taking a clinic and playing doubles. It was thrilling to be hitting the ball, running and getting instruction again. I met some new people and even set up another match for Sunday. Getting back into tennis was one of my goals for fall.
I made more homemade pasta this week.  I haven't made it in years and I've made in twice in the last 10 days! I absolutely adore the sweetness of fresh pasta. I hope to make some butternut squash ravioli filling this week.
I added some original drawings to my Etsy shop this week. In addition to some photographs and prints, I now have colored pencil drawings added. It was a big step for me to sell my original work as I've always kept the originals in the past.

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