Sunday, September 29, 2013


I am grateful for so many blessings this week. Most recently, Jon and I packed the car and headed down to Boston to visit our girls. Not only were we happy to see them, but we had a surprise in store. Their grandfather sent down some food for them and I packed some odds and ends that I thought they might need at college. 
We also took the fixings for a lunch. The big surprise was that their father was cooking for them.  Since Jon doesn't cook... or should I say, didn't cook, this was unexpected and the girls were thrilled.  They couldn't believe their eyes when he breaded chicken and sautéed garlic with shallots and tomatoes. It was quite memorable and I'll never forget the look on their faces when they found out!
I worked on some advertisements this week for my book in the local papers and was pleased when I managed to get it accomplished.
I worked on some plans for Advent projects for my blog as well as plans for another Advent Journal. Starting in September reminds me of when the girls were in elementary school and we would work on making Christmas gifts on the weekends once school began each fall.
Jon and I finished Spartacus: War of the Damned. That season concludes the saga that we've been watching for a few years. I love the original movie with Kirk Douglas and while this Starz series is nothing like it (it lacks the religious aspect) it is a gripping story of slavery in ancient Rome.  I was hesitant to finish the series as I knew the outcome for our heroes, but ultimately we did and I was quite pleased with the ending.
I'm back playing tennis weekly and am enjoying it thoroughly. I got to a beautiful club that is staffed with fun, pleasant instructors and get to play tennis with enjoyable players.  Jackpot!
With only a few days left in September, I am happy to say that we've had a few nights with a frost, but no snow.  What a blessing!

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