Sunday, September 08, 2013


This week I celebrated my birthday and was lucky enough to count my blessings.  My day began with a phone call from my daughters, followed by the miraculous sight of watching mist rise off the lake at sunrise. My father made me to a feast of a breakfast, with more food than I could have eaten all day.

Jon surprised me with a visit to a jewelry store and the clerk that helped us told us that he was born the day before our wedding anniversary.  That revelation put into perspective my age.

We took the girls to college last Monday and survived our first week without them. It was bittersweet. Ash started her own little blog Terrier Bites where she blogs about apartment recipes, Boston eateries and college life.

My second novel Death at the Notch is available at Amazon kindle for download.

In other news, the sunflowers are at their peak in central New Hampshire.  Nighttime temperatures are now frosty and the sunshine is ever so welcome to warm the mornings.

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