Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Modified Drawings

Here's a drawing I did this summer, following Carla Sonheim's idea of taking a blob and transforming it into a silly animal. I went around the street and found interesting cracks in the pavement. Then, I jotted down an outline of what I saw on a blank page.  I did this with 5 or 6 pages and when I had a few moments, I elaborated on the shapes, looking for heads, legs and limbs. Some sketches came out more realistic than others, but all had "personality.
 I took the drawing of Tino, a fun lilac elephant with striped toenails, and scanned him into my computer so I could change it up, but still keep the original drawing.
 The first modification was to the background.  Just changing the background changes the feel of the piece. The yellow crackle is fun and contrasts with the color of his body, but it wasn't what I was looking for.
 I liked the mottled background of green and gray better, but Tino seemed to disappear before my eyes.
 I changed the background to match his toenails and gave the skin texture.  Too much texture.
 So, I changed the texture to something more subtle.  I think the background needs something else.
 So I added a few cracks and changed the color a bit. I added some scrollwork to Tino's skin.
And on a whim I made the whole thing neon. Scanning artwork is valuable and a great way to learn ways to improve the original drawing.

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