Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Modified Drawings

Here's another sketch that I did that I modified in Photoshop.  I drew the image on watercolor paper using Intense pencils and blended the colors with water. Then I scanned the image into my computer and altered the background.
 The first one was just a texture and mud toned page.  Because of the pale, almost drab colors, the vibrancy of the sketch shows through.
 In the second piece, I added a gradient background and some more texture. The colors are pulled from the sketch, so they all come together.
 In the third piece, I went for a different look, adding a patterned background (postal marks) and shadowed the edges.  This works because of the muted color and the black images.
 The final piece is just a fun piece of a bright color along with a pattern. I chose the orange/yellow background because it complements the blue of the jar.

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Allie said...

this looks awesome! I love the gradient one!