Thursday, September 19, 2013

Where did the Sunflowers on the NH Highways Come From?

Sunflowers from my father's garden
Something unexpected has appeared in spots in the medians along New Hampshire's highways this September. Hundreds of sunflowers.
How did they get there?
Well the answer is somewhat simple, but also a bit comical as well.
In the 1960's New Hampshire began participating in a highway beautification practice, planting wildflower beds in parts of the state. A mistake occurred and this year's batch of seeds were full of sunflower seeds, unbeknown to the state.  The abundant rainfall resulted in amazing and unexpected blooms along the highways.
Highway officials have no plans to add sunflower seeds to their wildflower mix in the future and are suggesting residents and tourists enjoy the blooms while they can.
It seems that the plants are so beautiful that travelers stop their cars along the highway to take photos.  Not only is this dangerous, but it is also illegal. So if you're lucky enough to see the fields of beauty, enjoy the moment, but don't stop your vehicle for a closer look.

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