Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beaded Spiders

Here's a fun repost from 2010...

I found a tutorial online for this adorable little spiders made from glass beads.  They don't come with fangs but I added that just to further scare my little Ashley.
I made my first spider one night and left it on the kitchen counter when I went to bed.

It seems that Ashley passed by it and considered it an "omen" because the next day a real giant spider was waiting for her when she brought her laundry downstairs!  Well, she crushed the real spider and filled me in on her triumph!

I brought one to my friend Natasha who then commissioned me to make a couple for her niece and nephew.  I made them that night and when I woke up this is the scene I found on the kitchen counter!

Seems like Ashley was back at work!

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SOFIA said...

I love the way the spiders look on the fruit! Very realistic. You should make me a scorpion! eyygads!!