Sunday, October 27, 2013


Part of the wonderful thing about belonging to a family is being able to share in other's accomplishments. This week my brother's son became a Tiger Scout! I couldn't help but sketch out how I imagined Theo in his uniform. My brother is scout leader which I think is another blessing in itself!
My favorite pair of slippers! Women love shoes and this woman loves boots in particular, but after wearing these little numbers around the house, I think I like slippers even more.

During the summer, Allie and I sent a care package to her friend who was stationed in Afghanistan. He came home this week and contacted Allie to let her know. We're so relieved.
Tea Titan Celestial Seasonings has come out with more flavors in their Sleepytime line. Their Sleepytime line is a blend of Chamomile and other herbs, a gently way to calm down. Their newest flavor, Sleepytime Peach is delicious addition to the classic Chamomile heavy tea.
My sister challenged me to sketch some exotic fruit. She knows I do my best work under pressure, so I look forward to working on the drawings.
Lastly, I am grateful for my family. My father helped me out, yet again, and I appreciate having someone in my corner! Thank you, Dad.

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