Saturday, October 05, 2013

Drawdown at the Lake

In New Hampshire many lakes are go through "drawdown" in the fall where the state orders the water levels on various ponds and waters lowered from 1 foot to as many as 27 feet. The purpose is to lower the water levels before the frost so that the shoreline isn't damaged by ice.
Normally, drawdown occurs around Columbus Day and dates are published well in advance so that boaters and kayakers have time to prepare.
 The lake by our home looks just a shadow of it's former self. The shoreline is gone and I was able to walk out to normally hip height depth. I went out on a still day and took some photos.
 At this time, the plants that are in the shallows sometimes die out. This gives property owners a chance to clear out the shore, cleaning it from debris, rocks and fallen limbs.
The beach has been raked and leveled, making it more pleasant for next year's visitors. By the time the spring thaw happens, water levels normally return to normal.

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