Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gelli Printing onto Patterned Pages

Back in May, I posted about making my own pattern pages from simple doodles and shapes.
 I made lots of pages with simple black paint, black ball point ink and even black pencil. I drew shapes, mixed up lines, squiggles and overlapped designs.
I wasn't worried about making brushstrokes even, instead I embraced the imperfections and texture it created. After I had a few pages I liked, I made copies of them and planned to use them as collage paper. Instead, I took them out and used them for a mini marathon of Gelli Printing.  The simple black and white images added another layer to the magic that happens when monoprinting on a Gelli-plate.
 I added a number of Gelli layers and the more I added, the more subtle the original patterns became.
 On this one, you can still see the chickens in the background.
 Here you can see patterned stars in the background if you look closely.
 This page has a winding vine and I love the look of all the layers.
On this page the background paper shows through. Now to work on some drawings with these pages.

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