Thursday, October 10, 2013

Modified Drawing

For this modified drawing, I used a sketch of a Bird of Paradise flower that I made with colored pencils onto a monoprinted background. The flower's colors are vibrant and the background is an interesting contrast as the colors are pale and subtle.

After I scanned the image into my computer, I bleached out the background but kept some of the color. There's even more contrast now.

On this one, I added another subtle background and added a black oval to ground the image.
Here's one where I played around with the texture of the flower, letting the background peek through.
 On this one I added a green gingham background which picked up the colors in the flower. I added a lack shape behind it to make separate the two greens.
Lastly I added a dark background and added in some drips of color.


Allie said...

i like the one with the black oval best! the plant really stands out, but its still a neat background with stuff going on!

yassine mezrigui said...

What memories that flower brings back, great back ground