Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Truly Incredible Egg

Eggs are an amazing nutritional miracle.  I remember in college during an Animal Science class on human nutrition, commonly referred to as Foods and Dudes, the professor proudly stated that an egg is the most nutritionally perfect food, short only Vitamin C. It was a test question as well as one on the final exam, so I think I probably will always remember it.
Eggs are also the standard which chef's are measured... Supposedly, the 100 pleats in a chef's hat corresponds to the number of ways he can prepare an egg.  So nutrition professors and chef's agree that egg preparation is rather important.
How many ways can you think to prepare the humble egg?

  1. Soft Boiled 
  2. Hard Boiled
  3. Scrambled
  4. Over Easy (also called Fried Eggs)
  5. Sunny Side Up
  6. Omelet
  7. Quiche
  8. Poached Eggs
  9. Deviled Eggs
  10. Baked Eggs
  11. Frittata
  12. Egg Salad
  13. Egg Fried Rice (also known as Vegetable Fried Rice, Chicken or Pork Fried Rice)
  14. Souffle
  15. Custard
  16. Egg Scramblers (Migas, Eggs Scrambled with other ingredients mixed in)
  17. Eggs Steamed in Tomato Sauce or Polenta
  18. Egg Drop Soup (Stracciatella)
  19. Poached, Fried or Over Easy used as a Topping for a Burger, Hash, Risotto etc, so the runny yolk forms a rich sauce in itself.


Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Great post!

There are also:

Tea eggs- a marinated hard boiled egg
Tamagoyaki- a rolled omelet
Pickled eggs
Curried eggs
Eggs Benedict