Sunday, November 03, 2013


My book cover was featured on Sisters in Crime webpage. It's at the bottom, just wait for it to scroll through.  So thrilling!

Allie's latest app "Snowbirds" is available for purchase at the app store for iPhone and iPad. Her Terrapin Computing company has a website.

My sister and her fiancé flew into LAX just 30 minutes after the fiasco on Friday. They landed safely, but struggled to leave the airport. So grateful that they're safe.

I met up with some talented artists on Friday. We caught up and made some plans for future work. So fortunate to be involved with such lovely people.

I went to dinner with my closest friend. It was fun to catch up and laugh together. It was great to see her so happy.

The Red Sox were victorious in the World Series and the city of Boston threw them a parade, complete with the duck boats driving the city then floating in the Charles river.  This celebration occurred 6 months after the terrorist bombings at the marathon. As a sign of strength and unity, the parade concluded on the finish line. I'm not a baseball fan, but was filled with admiration for that action. We love Boston.

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