Sunday, November 10, 2013


The first full week in November came to a close and we are quickly moving into winter with snow predicted this week.
The girls were one of the one million people watching the Boston Red Sox Parade cross the Marathon Finish Line last Saturday. It was a satisfying victory for Boston as well as the nation as people remembered the survivors of that day.
I tried Ina Garten's Four Hour Lamb recipe for making leg of lamb in a Dutch Oven. It was a winner with tender lamb that fell apart. I normally roast my lamb and thought I would miss the crispy bits, but the tenderness of braised lamb was a pleasant change of pace.
After weeks of practicing, I took and passed my firearms qualifications (known as Quals) for the state. It was the first time I've been tested in this format, with timed shots, single handed shooting, drawing from the holster and kneeling segments. The instructor/tester was fantastic and it was great research for my next novel.
We watched The Heat, a movie set in current day Boston, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as an FBI agent and Boston police officer. The movie is PG13, definitely not OK for kids, but parts of it had me laughing so hard I cried.
I had a great tennis clinic with friends this week and worked on "catching" the ball with my racquet, a skill I always wanted to learn, but could never get past making it bounce off the strings. On Wednesday I took the first steps to actually catching the ball. I felt like Roger Federer.

My sister's son is walking! Climbing couches and walking around.  Hard to believe, because he's not even a year old!
My other sister's daughter is absolutely adorable received her (belated) Halloween card in the mail. Such a cutie pie.

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