Saturday, November 09, 2013

Hershey Kisses for Christmas

Like many candy companies, Hershey's Kisses now come in holiday flavors. I think this is old news, but I came across some interesting flavors in the grocery store that surprised me. Did you know that Hershey's Kisses come in candy cane (red and white striped), Special Dark, Mint Truffle, Caramel filled, Cherry Cordial and other varieties?
I remember my great Aunt Jo would always have candy jars at her home. She didn't have children of her own so she spoiled all the ones in the family. It was no wonder everyone loved her so much. She lived with her older sister, Ann and her mother, whom I called Bisnonna, my great grandmother.
Aunt Jo treated always welcomed me and made me feel like her favorite person when we visited.
She kept cookies and gum within easy reach and a bowl of hard candy on her coffee table, which she always encouraged visitors to enjoy. I also knew her secret, that she kept a jar of silver wrapped Hershey kisses in the top shelf of her tiny kitchen. She would give me chocolates with a cold glass of ginger ale when we sat at her kitchen table. I didn't like chocolate as a child, but ate them with Aunt Jo, because is prolonged my time with her!
When I was done with my treat, she would hand me three kisses and tell me to bring them to Bisnona, while Aunt Jo washed our glasses in the sink. I would bring Bisnona the chocolate treats and she would give me a kiss for every kiss I brought her. I loved visiting them!
Because of my fond memories, I smile each time I see Hershey kisses, even if I don't eat them often.  Maybe that's why I love it when I see cookies made with Kisses.  Here are three recipes from Hershey'
Peanut Butter Blossoms, recipe at Hershey's made with chocolate kisses and a peanut cookie dough.
Candy Cane Blossoms are made with Candy Cane Kisses and a vanilla dough
Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies are made with Hershey's kisses, a vanilla frosting filling and chopped nuts.

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