Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spartan Race at Fenway

On Saturday Jon and Allie completed The Spartan Race at Fenway Park in Boston. Along with about 10,000 other people of all ages, they lifted, jumped, rolled, climbed, pulled ran their way to over 3 miles of challenges and obstacles. This was our first time at a race like this and they loved every minute of it. Ashley and I accompanied them, strictly as spectators, and we had a great time as well. They truly lucked out because the weather was gorgeous, a cool 59 degrees with sun and little breezes. The event organizers were on the ball and things were rolling with no delays.
 Here's Jon and Allie just after registration where they got their headband numbers and GPS chip to track their progress/time. You can see Gate D to Fenway in the background.

 They started their race just a few minutes before their scheduled time and were OFF. Ash and I didn't see them right away because the spectator area requires a map. If you are clever (and luckily Ashley is very clever) you can devise a plan to intercept your competitors at the various obstacles. Here's Allie doing one of many burped exercises (jump, squat to the floor, push up, jump, etc).
 Here's Allie going over a wall, while Jon watches to see if she needs a spotter. She didn't!
Here's Allie going underneath an obstacle. That floor was cold!
 Allie's on the left and Jon's on the far right in the black/yellow shorts. They were climbing the rope cage (as I deemed it).
And Jon having to jump up, on and over a bench...
They had to pull a heavy top and yank up a heavy weight and then let it down again...
Here's Jon rolling underneath another obstacle.

 Ash and I got our picture done too…
And the victors, after finally finishing their course!
We ran into a fellow spartan, Allie and Ashley's friend Pete who completed the race earlier!
I drew a sketch of their medal.

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