Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Placecards - Free Download

As a child, my sisters and brother and I loved to set the holiday table with place cards. Even if it was only the family coming for dinner, the idea of having a place setting dedicated to you made us feel like royalty. You can also use them to label your foods, like if you have a special dish for a particular diet or if you want to put a particular ingredient in it...
Here are two downloads for you if you'd like to print out your own cards for your table.
7 Pumpkin Colored Leaves or 7 Green Leaves. Just go to the link and print out as many pages as you'd like. Then cut them up and personalize with the names of your guests or the dishes you're serving.
Or glitter the edges...
Just place glue around the edges
And then dip in glitter. Shake off and then let dry.
Punch holes in one leaf and then stick a bamboo skewer OR punch a hole and tie a string and use as a napkin ring.

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