Sunday, December 01, 2013

12 Doors of Christmas, Door Number 1

I worked on an illustrated series for Christmas 2013 featuring decorations on a porch that I called "The Twelve Doors of Christmas." I sketched out a dozen doors with varying decorations and designs. While I was a young child, our neighbor pulled out all the stops at Christmastime. He had the house on the corner with rolling bushes that ran from his front door to the sidewalk. He covered everything with Christmas lights and had a giant glowing Santa's head in his entrance. As a child, I loved seeing the lights and since we lived directly across the street, we watched as the lights turned on every night. 
When we moved to New Hampshire, I missed the glowing lights from our neighbors. Houses were still decorated, but differently, usually without the lights.
Here's the first door in the series, Door Number 1, featuring brightly colored Christmas balls in non-traditional colors and easy shapes.

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