Friday, December 13, 2013

Inexpensive Painted Wooden Ornaments - Part 1

 I found some inexpensive wooden ornaments in the craft store. The fish were from the kid's crafts section and sold in clear bags along with some vials of cheap paint and a plastic brush. I didn't like the paint or brush, but thought the fish was a fun shape.
 Since I wanted to use it for more things than just Christmas, I painted a base coat of turquoise. The wood grain showed through, which I liked, but if you want it opaque, just paint a coat of gesso on the wood and then the blue coat.
 I wanted an worn look, so I took a dry paintbrush (about a 1 inch brush) and gently dabbed it in the paint, then swished the brush on the paper to remove most of the paint. I took the brush and swiped it across the fish where it left brush marks, (something I normally try to avoid.)
When it dried, I realized that it the white wasn't bright enough, so I added a few more layers. I let them dry and stopped adding layers when I was happy with the resulting look. I still wanted more interest, but nothing to distract from the aged blue surface...
 I made a quick tool. I put on a pair of disposable glove, wrapped a chunky rubber band around two fingers and pounced the bands in gold acrylic paint. This made a makeshift rubber stamp that was flexible enough to go around the shape of the fish. I pounced the gold a few times on the fish, which was kind of reminiscent of scales. When it was dry, I added a few spots of black circles and then added white and yellow on top. (Sorry I forgot to take a photo of this picture.)
When I was done, I added a coat of varnish and added a screw eye so I could hang it.

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