Sunday, January 05, 2014


The first weekend of 2014 brings many blessings and even more reasons to be grateful. 
Holidays are a time for visiting young families and seeing how they've grown.
Visiting even younger families...
I've had the good fortune of having my daughters home from college, so I can drive them nuts with my opinions, comments and questions. (And I wouldn't have it any other way.... although they might not agree.)
Jon and I went to lunch in the middle of the blizzard. It was are only time alone together in the past few weeks and I realized how much I've missed him.
I cooked in a professional kitchen for New Year's Eve. (The blur in the background is my father in his natural state, moving at 100 miles and hour.)
I was in touch with some old friends from years past and some very old friends from when I was just a child. It makes me grateful for the internet as a way to connect and appreciate the distance, too!
We found the TV show Justified and added it to our list of top shows.
I've been working on my daily sketchbook, one of my new year's resolutions, and so far, I've kept up with it.
In November, Allie and Jon challenged us to participate in the Spartan Race's 30 Burpees a Day Challenge. Each day, you do 30 burpees (the exercise that is a squat thrust with a push up) so that you have 900 done. Jon figured out that if we do 33, we'd have done 1000, so we did. It was hard to do them in the beginning, as I got winded after just 5. But I kept at it and liked the results, so I continued doing them all through December.... The good/bad news is I need to purchase smaller pants!
The arctic freeze that we've seen is supposed to be put on hold for a couple of days, before it returns. I'll appreciate the heat wave of 30 degree temps.

What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year - Vern McLellan

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