Sunday, January 19, 2014


This week was busy, busy, busy. We (sadly) took our girls back to school for their second semester this year. It was hard to say goodbye to them, but their amazing friends Pete & Nicole, showed up in the pouring rain to see them! We left them in good hands with lots of smiles to go around.
We got more snow this week, but luckily, had some mild days in between.
Allie set up a new app on the Apple store for Lewis Dot for Chemistry students! She worked on it during break with her sister, the chem major and they finalized all the details! Way to go Allie!
In an effort to keep better care of ourselves, Jon and I are working on modifying our diets for the better. So far, so good. 
I started a new exercise program, TRX, suspension training and love it. It's intense and uses my body weight instead of handheld weights. Each exercise can be modified to make it more or less challenging. 
My friend and I went to lunch and caught up for the first time in a while. It was a fun day.
We're past the halfway point of January already! It's hard to believe we're so far in to 2014.

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