Friday, January 17, 2014

Coloring on Black Paper

Lately, I love experimenting with colored pencils, trying different techniques and playing around with color, shading and pencil pressure. I usually sketch on various white papers and journals, but this summer tried sketching on mono printed pages (Gelli-papers as I call them). I loved the results, how some of the underlying color showed through, creating some color and personality in itself. A few weeks ago, I didn't have any Gelli papers done and my sketchbook was full, so I grabbed some card stock in brown (or kraft color). I loved the look. There was an instant background that made the colored pencils pop!

I continued using the card stock and then thought, what would happen if I tried using black card stock?

So I did and I loved, loved, loved the result. The black paper brought a different feel the the piece and made choosing colors fun and exciting. The contrast is striking and I love the look!

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