Saturday, January 25, 2014

Starfish Cookies

 I'm working on finding a delicious, yet workable sugar cookie dough and a frosting/icing that is also delicious. My requirements for the cookie are to make a dough that has no shortening, all butter and is rollable and delicious. I think I may have found a recipe... it uses sour cream to keep the dough tender and moist...

Now, onto the frosting/icing. I've used Royal Frosting on cookies and while I like them on gingerbread cookies, I'm not crazy about the taste on sugar cookies. I don't like the way Royal frosting gets rock hard.. the colors tend to bleed and the frosting can be difficult.. it crystalizes, blooms and can look matte or shiny. I'm trying a few glazes to find one that is tasty, tender and brilliant.
I made some "prototypes" today and asked a few friends to try them out. I got a lot of thumbs up... but really, who doesn't love an unexpected cookie?

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