Friday, February 07, 2014

Blackbird Festival: Colorful Birds

All of the decorations for the Blackbird Festival were based on the images in the book Days of the Blackbird. In the story, the colorful birds fill the town before the cold winter arrives and then depart with the warm weather. I wanted to recreate that inside the restaurant, so I set about creating lots of colorful birds based on the shape of the birds in the book.
 I used the same template that I used to create the bird centerpieces, so the shape and size were consistent.
I made them in 2 parts, the body/head and the wing that I adhered with glue. I found the most beautiful colored card stock for each "Tomie bird"And then I went to town cutting, coloring, painting and shading.
When I was done, I had a plethora of rainbow colored birds that I hung wherever I could.
 One sat perched on the picture of Rome...
And other decorated the support beams.

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