Saturday, February 08, 2014

Blackbird Festival: Cookie Favors

 For the last day of the festival, I made cookie favors for the guests. I think that ending the party with a little treat is a great way to send everyone off happily. Decorated cookies are a great party favor. They can be made to reflect the theme of the party, can be made in advance and really, who doesn't love a cookie?
 I made the actual cookies ahead of time. I tried to find a recipe for a dough that was tasty and easy to handle. I found one that used sour cream, butter, flour and sugar. The sour cream is KEY. You can't taste it in the cookie, but the acid in the sour cream does wonders to keep the cookie crispy, yet tender and sturdy. I had a cookie cutter of a dove that I used for a blackbird. It's not the proper silhouette, but it is acceptable. I made the cookies, careful not to overcook them, and then let them cool. I packed them in a tupperware container, between sheets of waxed paper and then sealed them inside. You could use a plastic freezer bag as well, just place a piece of cardboard underneath to protect the fragile cookies.
When I was ready to frost them, I removed the container from the freezer the night before and let everything come to room temperature.
 The next day I mixed up the glaze. I didn't use a royal frosting, because I didn't want it to dry hard as sheetrock. Instead, I mixed together powdered sugar, almond extract, corn syrup and water and once I found the right consistency, I added food coloring. I wanted a jet black - and so I used quite a bit of coloring. But, I love how striking the cookies came out!
 The orange eyes and beaks are a sharp contrast to the black body. I let the cookies dry overnight (hidden in the oven, so the cookie thieves wouldn't find them) Once they were completely dry I bagged them.
I made up labels for the party and wrapped the clear cookie bags (which can be found here) with black ribbon. The guests enjoyed taking one as they left the party.

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