Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Blackbird Festival: The Toast

Last week's Blackbird Festival went very well. Customers were pleased and dining room was filled with laughs. As with all parties and functions, there were lots of things to prepare. The last night of the festival involved a surprise toast to my father, given by author and artist Tomie DePaola. Tomie's toast was gracious, bubbly and entertaining, just like him.
Each person had their part to play in order to make the surprise a success. TDP gave the toast, Margaret arranged for sparkling cider for the guests and orchestrated bringing in the unexpected guests. I kept Margaret apprised of the timing of the meal, so the celebration could happen after their meals were finished, but before they ordered dessert.
Customers from other tables lingered after their meal, so that they could take part in the soiree. When it was time, I brought my father to the dining room, where he was met with a standing ovation and a lovely toast.
Guests during the Blackbird Festival
The toast
Tomie DePaola & Piero after the toast
TDP, Rosanna, & Piero
Tomie DePaola, Rosanna Dude, the Wilmot Librarian and Piero. Everyone was a good sport and when asked to have their picture taken together, Tomie quipped, "Rosanna, come be a rose between two thorns". Piero joked, "a beautiful woman between two old men". They had everyone laughing.
It was an entertaining end to a great evening.

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