Thursday, February 06, 2014

Blackbird Festival: Wall Art

One of the decorations for the Blackbird Festival was a large blackbird, made from over 50 paper feathers that was over 24 inches across.
To start, I made a rough sketch of a silhouette of the bird onto oaktag (poster board?).
I cut out some feathers (making a template for those as well) and found I needed way more than I created.
 I started placing the feathers to get a feel for the placement and then realized that I needed a darker background, one that was also firmer.
 So, I went to the store and found black foam board, sold in sheets near the school supplies.
 I started adhering the feathers using Tacky Glue, which dries quickly and is flexible when dry.
 I carefully laid out the feathers on the tail and glued them from the bottom up, so the feathers would be neatly organized. I continued with the rest of the body and then did the wing on the side.
Lastly, I added an orange beak made from card stock and an eyeball.

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