Sunday, February 16, 2014


Another week in NH means another few feet of snow! We got hit this week with three storms, all of which were killers!
At least we got some exercise while shoveling, again and again and again...
My adorable nephew sent me a thank you note for his birthday money. I beamed after opening the letter.
Have you tried Brownie Brittle yet? These crunchy, decadent, oh-so chocolately cookies are unbelievable. Luckily there are only a few in a bag, because they are addictive, terribly, terribly addictive.
I had a tennis match this week against a strong team. My partner and I, somehow, pulled off a victory. I had a terrible migraine headache for two days before the match and even during it, so I was a little "out of it" during the match and had a difficult time with my speech. But, strangely, I was a bit more coordinated than usual. My partner, Deb, was fantastic and we high-fived and played well together.
I met with my art group and at the last minute decided to make some madeleines, as I knew one of my friends was partial to them. They came out great and I'll post the recipe this week. The funny thing about madeleines is that they are elegant and tasty, but one of the easiest pastries/cookies to make!

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