Sunday, February 23, 2014


I was blessed with another week full of things for which I am grateful. This week was full of snow for the northeast. Totals before the storm topped 54 inches and I think we easily made it to 70+ inches  to date. We were blessed with safe travel, health to clear the snow and a great plow guy!
We visited our girls last Sunday in Boston (in between storms). They are thick in mid terms and while they looked frazzled, exhausted and overworked, they were glowing with youth and enthusiasm. Some day they will look back at this challenging time and think, "I did that!"
I played tennis this week - even during the blizzards! It felt great to go from a tennis skirt to winter boots all in the same morning!
I'm continuing in my TRX training at the gym. I am stronger than when I started and dare I say, muscles are showing up! Who'd have thought that could happen!
I helped my father with some computer issues and felt enormous satisfaction in my ability to tackle something new. I've been blessed with a husband or daughters who always set up my own computer and are my "tech support". It's a great feeling to learn from them.
My nephew and nieces all had birthdays this month! Theo, Claudia and Ellie are officially a year older and now "veterans" in our family. It's such a thrill to see the children excited about their birthdays and reveling in the attention and excitement we share.
I am blessed that my artwork is selling at DM Designs. People from around the world have purchased cards, computer cases and even phone cases with my designs on it. Thank you!

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