Sunday, February 09, 2014


Snow, snow and more snow! Wednesday's snowstorm was fluffy and speedy, even though it lasted all day and into the night. (I prefer this snow to the wet, heavy stuff that breaks my back when I shovel!)

I got our cats a new fur bed. It's actually sold as a dog bed, but between the dark fur, the cushion and being placed on their favorite sleeping couch, it is a winner. The cats jumped on it from the moment I set it out and remained there most of the night.
I had a delicious and fun lunch while catching up with a friend at a the Tip Top Cafe in Vermont. As usual, the conversations were enjoyable and the charred Lamb and Barley Soup special was delicate and delicious! It was a beautiful day for a drive.
I've been re-reading the Mitch Rapp series of books and I am now on American Assassin. I love to read Vince Flynn's books before bed!

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