Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bird Series: Gray Jay

 Seeing that I was working on a Bird Series, my brother sent me an email:
There is a bird that I see frequently when hiking called Gray Jays (also called Whiskey Jacks). They like people and will eat food from your hands they live at higher elevations in the forests.
Being up for a challenge, I immediately got to work on researching Gray Jays. Just as he suggested, I found that they are known by many names: Whiskey Jacks, and Canada Jays. They belong to the Crow and Jay family and are found in forests throughout the north.
 Here's the original drawing, done with colored pencils onto dusty colored card stock.
And the sketch with a digitally enhanced background. I added some highlights, grungy texture reminiscent of the spruce needles and a mottled background.
Challenge DONE!

1 comment:

DamianC said...

Nice Job,
you even captured the little gleam in his eye just before he goes for the food.