Sunday, March 02, 2014


I am blessed by so many things this week. We've moved out of frigid February and into a (hopefully) milder March. It's hard to believe that were are in the third month of 2014 already.
After a hectic week of car maintenance issues, I finally got my car back from the shop and am so grateful to have a reliable vehicle again. Maintenance is ongoing, but it takes a setback for me to truly appreciate the freedom of having a car that starts when I need it waiting for me.
I was lucky enough to play tennis a few times this week. I met a new group of people and found some ideas for characters for my next novel. Oh, the excitement of that feeling of having my imagination sparked by a silly comment or mannerism. I also took a tennis lesson with a pro who ripped apart my volleys and backhands. I'm not used to working with someone so critical and it took some adjusting on my part, but I think it was helpful. I'll keep you posted.
With the end of winter (again, hopefully) comes the dreaded time of year when I try and purchase a new swimsuit. After close to an hour in the dressing room, a pushy, but helpful saleswoman and a patient husband, I found one that will work.
I went running this week and was able to run without thought. It seems weird to explain, but being able to run and not be distracted by chores, worries or plans is an amazing, amazing feeling. I felt like I slept through the night and was rejuvenated and energized.
I started work on another art journal, simply to test out techniques "outside of my comfort zone". I usually like to sketch, shade and draw in my work. In this journal, I am embracing the "messy" aspect  of art, with drips, spatters, smears and imperfections. It's unusual for me and reminds me of the feeling of watercolor - the medium has a mind of it's own.

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