Sunday, March 23, 2014


This week has been full of ups and downs, but I am grateful for each day.
My daughters returned to school after an amazing week of Spring Break. It was awful to see them off, but I was glad they traveled safely and arrived back at school. It was wonderful seeing them every morning, laughing with them throughout the day and catching up on all the things we miss while they're off studying at college.

Jon and I went to a fun Saint Patrick's Day Party with delicious food and fun people. There was dancing! Jon and I have only danced together at my siblings weddings, so this was quite a treat. We sat with our friends, Maria and Mounir, who introduced us to some other lovely people.  Everyone had a great time.
 I've been busy playing tennis, tennis and more tennis. I love it. I've made some new tennis friends who are a blast on the court. Each day I leave the club, I'm counting the minutes until I return. Jon even joined me for a drill clinic and some doubles. We had a great time. I can't wait to do it again.
We have a wild falcon who likes to dine on our balcony. He's gorgeous, fierce and amazingly quick! Watching him fly is exhilarating. We hear his "warning chirp" and then he goes off to catch his lunch. He's used to our voices now and even let's us take photos. He particularly likes Allie, so she gets the best shots. I had one made into a canvas. I'll do a post on it later in the week.
I've been receiving emails from readers of my books. I am so grateful for their kind words and correspondences. I love writing and I never EVER though I would get fan mail. What a treat to have someone comment kindly on my work. I am so appreciative.
I spoke to a good friend on Friday night who I miss dearly. It was so great to laugh with her, hear about what's happening in her life and share my own happenings.

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